Monday, January 17, 2011

Sneak peak to Photoshoot

Hey hey everybody, don't know if you are interested or not, but I am gonna reveal some of my photoshoot photos. Doing up my new blog banners :) Will be up Next week :))


This is absolutely the best production I have seen in 2011, it is like dream girls if you remember but a little sexier and *fairer*.

A film that revolve around beautiful people, beautiful dance, beautiful vocal, beautiful outfit and beautiful storyline. How can it not be awesome?

Christina Aguilera is a chameleon.
Sexy, girly, sophisticate, name it and she do it.

And who know Christina Can shake it like that!

Tass (CHER), a legend that inspired many artist like Britney Spears, Oprah and even CHRISTINA.

And can you believe she is 64 years old this year! WOO LA LA.

Her vocal is so unique and stunning!

And i was shocked to see Kristen Bell danced like that!

And not forgetting JACK (Cam gigandet), the surfer bod guy. If you remember twilight, the bad guy - JAMES ( victoria Boyfriend) , he is that guy that no one noticed.

GO catch this film now!! :))

For trailer - CLICK HERE

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