Thursday, January 13, 2011

Open house 2011

Open house was a success.

3 days of war with
  • Secondary school kids (some didn't use deodorant)
  • Aunties that SERIOUSLY came for free gifts
  • Walking dead that has zero reactions

But it was still awesome! :)

JIVE did great as well. Even thought i was like a little betrayer cause i was from another Diploma. haha.
Glad that the new committees work well together and the group bonded.

Check out our school own fine dining restaurant which is located at E1 Level 10 :)

At a affordable price but reservation only :<

Senior came back to help us.
Funny guy telling us about his tales. :)
Khairul President of Fuze !
Michelle Pixie . Remember shooting a super junior - sorry sorry video with her, EPIC !! How long have we known each other, 6 years?
Mr frog

Me & the sailor moon

Haters go away!
Ali - MR SOH 2010 :)

I know how to make Cotton candy !!
Lidia hair was like stuck with smells of cotton candy!


We love facing LEFT :)

Miss SOH (Pioneer), Alice look so gorgeous ! Plus a combination of SOH eye candy - Shawn. Wah, totally kick me and Sab off the chart! lol

Will be changing my blog link and layout soon! Hopefully done by end of JAN :)

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